Most Recommended Resources

Chinese Learning Apps and Tools

Du Chinese

Practice reading and listening skills


Focusing on characters and stroke


The best Chinese dictionary app

Hello Chinese

A gamification app for daily life topics

Hello Talk

A language exchange app, It’s easy to find natives from China


A language flashcards tool


Live Tutoring


A professional online Chinese language school, offer 1:1 tutoring


A tutor marketplace, you can find the native tutors easily

Keats Chinese

One of the most popular Chinese language schools in China

Confucius Institutes

List all Confucius Institutes Around the World

Online Video Lessons

Yoyo Chinese

The courses are created by most well-known and productive Chinese teacher.

ChineseFor Us

All lessons are also tailor-made to match with HSK levels. The current contents focus on beginner level.

Dig Mandarin

Providing various courses, it`s very convenient to find your suitable course in one place.

Living in China

Tao Bao

The biggest e-commerce website in China


A tool enables users to shop from Taobao and Tmall in English


The most widely used communication app across China


Fast and reliable VPN that will unblock the web in China


Get all the details of subway information in China

DigMandarin Resources