New Practical Chinese Reader (新实用汉语)

The New Practical Chinese Reader (NPCR) is a series of textbooks published by the Beijing Language and Culture University Press (associated with the Confucius Institute Programme) and is designed to help native English speakers learn Chinese. It is compiled under the new NOTCFL syllabus in accordance with the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Guidelines.

The NPCR has six volumes containing 70 lessons, encompassing beginner to intermediate levels for three years of instruction. Each volume comes with a student’s workbook and an instructor’s manual together with audio and video materials.

The main objective of the NPCR is to help students develop their ability to communicate in Chinese by teaching language structure, language function and related cultural knowledge. It also trains students to listen, speak, read and write in Chinese. Most of the lessons are composed of three main texts with grammatical explanations, speaking and writing exercises, and pronunciation drills.

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