Chinese Paradise (汉语乐园)

Chinese Paradise is another book series designed for kids more particularly primary schools students in other countries. It is the leading textbook project of Hanban. First published in 2005 followed by its 45-language editions of the level 1 books, Chinese Paradise is available in more than 50 countries in the world. Today, it is considered as one of the most popular Chinese textbooks overseas.

The Beijing Language and Culture University Press begin revising Chinese Paradise series in 2013. The second edition has six levels and is ideal for Grades 1-6 in primary schools of other countries and in international schools in China. For each level, you get a set of materials that include a textbook with CD, workbook with CD, a set of word cards for all language editions, a teacher’s book for all language editions, one corresponding reader, one set of tests and four CD-ROMs.  The Chinese Paradise teaches children about sentence patterns, new vocabulary and Chinese characters. It also teaches Chinese culture in the learner’s native language through illustrations, songs, handicrafts, stories, games and other activities.

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