Integrated Chinese(中文听说读写)

Integrated Chinese is an acclaimed Mandarin Chinese textbook series first published in 1997. It is widely used in many universities and colleges that offer Chinese programs in the US and other countries in North America. Now on its fourth edition, it has been thoroughly revised to meet the needs of today’s learners.

There are four volumes in the series, all of which were designed to cover a two-year study at college level. With the series’ holistic pedagogical approach, even students with no prior knowledge of Chinese can develop and improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Learners who complete the series typically progress from low to intermediate, or to high levels of proficiency.

One of the good things about Integrated Chinese is it uses both print and digital resources to reinforce learning. Aside from its full-color design textbooks, each volume also comes with a workbook, character workbook, teacher’s resources and free audio downloads. With the current edition, learners also get to enjoy a more realistic storyline, a diverse cast of characters, and an enhanced cultural coverage.

  1. Integrated Chinese is a good starting point for studying Mandarin. The name of the series is a bit misleading though because you might think that all the learning resources are integrated but they are not. The workbook, character workbook, and audio CDs are separate purchases. I am pleased that the colleges and universities in my area are using this as a standard textbook. I would not recommend using this book series without a teacher.

  2. I just started taking a class with Integrated Chinese as our learning material. I found some of the conversations to be a bit odd and my teacher also agreed. I don’t think people would speak this way under normal circumstances. But I understand that they are worded this way to introduce new vocabulary and grammar concepts.

  3. Integrated Chinese is an excellent material that will make learning Chinese so much easier. The pace is not too slow or too fast, but is just right for me. The vocabulary words and grammar points are also tacked in a way that you can easily absorb. What I also find interesting are the dialogs, since they are level-appropriate with both pinyin and the English translations of the characters. You can easily refer to the translations just in case you get lost or you can no longer understand the characters. The grammar points are also clearly explained. Overall, I can say that this book is suitable for self-learners and those trying to learn it in a classroom environment.

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