Learn Chinese with Me (跟我学汉语)

This series of textbooks is designed for high school students with Chinese proficiency levels of beginner to low-intermediate. Learn Chinese with Me has 4 volumes with lessons that give more emphasis on grammar and sentence patterns in the context of everyday activities of teenagers. It also sharpens the students’ language skills in writing, reading, speaking and listening.

Learn Chinese with Me offers fun and constructive learning experiences through colorful illustrations, interesting stories, music, mazes, exercises and lively activities. Each level covers six units of study. For each level, you also get a student book, workbook, a teacher’s book and audio CDs. The materials are in simplified characters with pinyin. It is interesting to note that most of the topics discussed in the series were selected based on the results of a survey conducted in 2001 on high school students in two North American cities. This is in accordance with the goal of the textbook, which is to develop topics that are functional, pragmatic and interesting while still focusing on being systematic, scientific and academic.

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