Startup Business Chinese (新世纪商用汉语会话)

Designed for learners with no prior background in the language, Startup Business Chinese offers a strong foundation in the four language skill areas, with special emphasis on interpersonal communication skills. Its goal is to help you negotiate, socialize, establish and maintain good relationships. It also imparts Chinese social customs and business practices which are essential for effective communication in Chinese business environments. It has incorporated situational dialogs incorporating words that are relevant in the workplace so that learners will feel more comfortable interacting with colleagues, clients and employees.

The grammar, dialog and vocabulary used in the Startup Business Chinese are great if you plan to do business in China or with Chinese people. In the first series alone, you’ll learn more than 600 vocabulary words that will prepare you to handle basic business interactions. Free audio downloads are also available.

Last update was on: January 8, 2024 2:56 pm

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