How I Learned Chinese | From Amy

1. Having Chinese classes is really the best way to learn basics and foundation. 


a lot of things you learned in class that you might have never heard Chinese people ever say.


It’s really important to get such a good foundation, especially for the language like Chinese.

If just beginning, don’t use those kinds of learning apps, such as Dolingo, because it might be a good complement of your study, but a main learning resource.

2. Learn Chinese characters.

Don’t want to skip the characters part when learning Chinese. Just several basic characters would help you integrate with Chinese society. Especially in China, everything online is in Chinese, it will help with your life.

3. Go travelling and learning in China.

Never feel awkward about your level of Chinese, feel free to speak and express yourself in Chinese.

4. Listen to Chinese songs; watch Chinese TV shows; read Chinese books

“爸爸去哪儿”:Watch it with Chinese subtitles, if there is any confusing word, pause and check the words in Pleco. You can even repeat each of the lines and practice your speaking ability.

Read novels in Chinese version. It’s better to start with some books that you’ve already known, such as 《哈利波特》 .

5. Attend Chinese Bridge Competition (汉语桥).

Meeting different Chinese learners from all over the world and communicate with them in Chinese. It’s a great environment to push and motivate you learning this language.

6. Take intense Chinese course.

Anyone who has opportunities to attend intense language courses in China, take it! Make some Chinese friends when taking intense course in China which could complete the drawbacks that you might only have foreign classmates around you. 

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  1. yes i interstad chine language i am completed hsk 2 lavel

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