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Module 1: Pronunciation Foundation

Learn how to pronounce every Chinese sound clearly with the proper accent. You will learn each of the 21 Pinyin Initials, basic 6 Finals and 30 compound Finals.

Module 2: Characters Foundation

Learn the Chinese writing system and be able to write any character by yourself!

Module 3: Vocabulary Building

Vocabulary Courses will suit you perfectly during your Mandarin learning path and help building your vocabulary. (up to 600 words)

Module 4: Grammar

Help you build your grammar skills. It Contains a full collection of all HSK 1 – 6 grammar points and clears the common confusion over key grammar rules.

Module 5: HSK Test Preparation

Taking mock test is necessary. Analyzing your answers and understanding your errors can make a significant difference not only in the outcome of one’s score, but on one’s overall learning.

BONUS 1: Beyond Basic Chinese

A fantastic new way for Chinese learners to take their Chinese to the next level and go beyond the basics! Ideal for people who already have some introductory knowledge, this course will enable students to go further in daily Chinese conversation.

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Your Instructors

Jing Cao

Jing Cao is the co-founder of Dig Mandarin. She has a Master’s Degree in Chinese Linguistics and Language Acquisition from Chinese University of Hong Kong.


She knows how to help students learning Chinese in an effective way. She is good at spoken Chinese, culture, and survival skills training.


She devotes herself to the research of Chinese language and how to teach Chinese as a second language better.

Cecilia He

Cecilia majored in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. She has vast experience in educating her students on how to listen to and speak Chinese, and is trained to teach HSK courses. She has mastered the method and practice of teaching the structure, historical development, and relationships of languages as an academic subject, and has also done extensive research on Intercultural Communication and Sinology.


She aims to always deliver fun and engaging lessons, while also focusing on producing effective and dynamic results.

Spring Zhang

Spring Zhang has a Master’ s Degree from Beijing Language and Culture University. A 7- year studying experience majoring in Teaching Chinese as an International Language provided her with a solid and professional foundation as a Chinese teacher. She also had 5-year experience teaching overseas students in universities, which makes her understand her students’ difficulties better. She now lives in Singapore and she devotes herself to Chinese Language education.

Lesley Xu

Lesley Xu is a full-time Chinese language teacher in a local international school with over 12 years of teaching experience, including online 1-on-1 classes and offline classes. Focus on tailoring lessons for each student to meet the different needs of Chinese learning. Her vivid explanation and lively personality make your Chinese learning easier and more efficient.


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