West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang (西湖,杭州市,浙江省)

West Lake is a famous fresh water lake located in the historic area of Hangzhou, the heaven on earth. “It’s the most wonderful place in the world, where makes you feel in the heaven”, the famous Italy traveler Macro Polo describes the HangZhou in his memory. The saying goes that in China- “Above is heaven, below is HangZhou.” The reputation of HangZhou lies in the picturesque West Lake. The lake is beautiful all year round, and the poet in Song dynasty named DongPo Su highly praised the scenery. Travelling in the West Lake, you can also wander along the street, try the delicious dessert, and purchase some local products. The Su dam and White dam are of the most famous scenic spots in China. They divided the lake into halves, seemed like two fluttering green ribbons, surrounded by mountain and forests with some house lets. There are there islands in the center of the lake: RuanGong, HuXin, and YingZhou. HangZhou is one of the six ancient capitals in China, and it last 2,000 years history. Not only famous for the Natural scenery and cultural charm, but also for its delicacy, crafts, and calligraphy of historical figures. As the Silk City of China, there are all kinds of silk products; tapestry is the especially beautiful one among them. Other specialties are black-paper-fans, silk umbrella, and West Lake Longjing Tea.

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