MoTai Mandarin

MoTai Mandarin is a private Chinese school in Sydney that teaches Mandarin Chinese to children and adults of all ability levels for fun or for academic, professional or business success.
We provide lessons to suit our students needs and backgrounds. We have lesson-plans suitable for travellers, students, business people, and Australian-born Chinese who want to rediscover their language. We provide lessons to individuals, groups and offer Chinese training services to employers.
Our teachers are all native Chinese speakers who are certified, experienced, and passionate about their language. We encourage our students to communicate in Chinese at all times to maximise the effectiveness of our lessons. Proficiency comes with practising all aspects of a language: by listening, speaking, reading and writing.


  • Student profile
  • Personalised learning plans
  • Individual study reports
  • Quality teaching by experienced and highly motivated local teachers
  • Private classrooms
  • Varying activities from having fun to being challenged
  • Social and supporting Chinese-speaking environment
  • Flexible study times and places
  • Free trial lessons available
  • HSK sponsorship available
MoTai Mandarin
MoTai Mandarin

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