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Linda Mandarin Offers Mandarin Courses Focusing On Improving Our Student’s Listening, Speaking, Writing And Reading Skills In The Mandarin Language. Our School Caters For Everyone Who Wants To Learn Mandarin Ranging From Children Who Want To Improve Their Mandarin Skills To An Adult Who Wants To Do Business In Mandarin-Speaking Countries.

Our Syllabuses are accredited by China Hanan and with addon tailored made materials, we aim to meet Chinese Language learning needs in term of content, flexibility and progression. Our Chinese Classes are stimulating and enjoyable. Progressive Mandarin course content allows students to expand vocabulary and develop Mandarin language abilities in a natural way focusing on mandarin communication skills.

Our Mandarin instructors are graduates of top university degree programs with fluent English and Applied Mandarin Linguistics Certified. They are all native Mandarin speaker having great experience in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Besides many of them have exposure to Chinese Literature, International Accounting, Trade and Foreign investment etc. which is an added value for Advanced Business Chinese training.

Contact us today and experience the real Mandarin language training. Try our Mandarin Online Placement Test if you know the language!

Linda Mandarin
Linda Mandarin

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