HSK Standard Course (HSK标准教程)

The HSK Standard Course is one of the resources for learning and teaching Chinese that is authorized by Hanban. Hanban is a public institution that is committed to providing Chinese language and cultural teaching materials and services around the world. The HSK Standard Course is a joint effort of the Beijing Language and Culture University Press and the Chinese Testing International (CTI). It is an ideal material for Confucius Institutes in various countries, institutions that teach Chinese, and self-taught learners.

The primary materials used by this course are HSK test papers with scientific course designs, humorous styles and common topics. They match the HSK tests in all aspects including the content, form and levels. The course is also easy to learn as it combines testing and teaching as well as promoting learning and teaching by testing.  The whole HSK Standard Course series is divided into six levels that match the HSK test. With a total of nine volumes, it allocates one volume for each level in levels 1-3, and two volumes for each level in levels 4-6. Each volume also includes a full-color textbook, a workbook, a teacher’s book and an audio CD.

  1. It’s a great standardized course if you like to learn Mandarin. The book has a lot of useful materials on grammar and plenty of pinyin to help you pronounce the characters properly. There’s also a “note” section that explains about the grammar. They give examples of Chinese characters with no pinyin at the bottom of the page. But the Chinese characters in the exercise are those that have been tackled earlier in the lesson. It helps me read Chinese right away. There are also a lot of independent online resources that you can use with it.

  2. I’m using hsk standard course for my online tutor and NPCR for my Chinese class. They are very different books with different views of things. You can use this book for self-study but it can be challenging to use it on your own as it is not as straightforward as the other textbook I read.

  3. Good quality book. The sample dialogs are very natural. The grammar points are not deeply explained though so I used it along with DigMandarin online video courses online. It makes using this textbook a lot more easy to understand and useful. I’ve been using this book series for my HSK 3 and HSK 4 test. I plan to continue using it.

  4. The conversations used in this book are manageable. It includes proper translation and correct pronunciation. The overall content aligns with the HSK test. I’ve read another Chinese learning book and the dialogs are convoluted; they don’t make any sense. HSK standard course has short dialogs that get to the point and clearly demonstrate new vocabulary and grammar points. The instructions are both in English and Chinese, which helps me gradually get introduced to Chinese.

  5. This book is great as it does not teach you too much, too fast. It discusses topics covering grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in short sections. It is best to use hsk standard course under the guidance of an instructor. However, you may also use it for self-learning as it includes a CD to demonstrate correct pronunciation.

  6. HSK standard course is well-thought of and well-organized. It helped me pass the HSK II with excellent scores. I highly recommend this to all Chinese learners. It will help you prepare for the exam. I am currently using this book to prepare for the HSK III test.

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