How I Learned Chinese for 6 Months | Five Hacks for Mandarin | From Miss Vicky

1. Strong Basic Foundation

Less is more. Focus on the essential part. Get a good Chinese textbook. Also, don’t get yourself overwhelming too soon.

Get a textbook as your main guide. 《Boya Chinese》《Developing Chinese》

2. Work your way down from advanced to basic

Movie script & song lyrics are all very helpful. It’s not too early to study them as a beginner. You learn them because you don’t understand them. It’s the balance of repetition and variety.

3. Fill your surroundings in Chinese

Set your social medias and electronic devices in Chinese. It will stay in your memories longer. Put the sticky notes with Chinese vocabulary or idioms around you so that you can learn them by default.

4. Bond with native speakers

There are things you can only pick up from the native speakers, such as public sentiment, sense of humor and cultural aspect.

Find your own language exchange partners offline and online.

5. Integrate your hobby into your learning routine.   

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