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Watch different TV shows on YouTube. 《非诚勿扰》《快乐大本营》《非正式会谈》


Practice with Chinese speakers.



Textbook: Contemporary Chinese


  • write down new and complex words with Pinyin, translation and example sentences. Also do some exercise in it.
  • When writing the words down, you could classify them into different categories, such as personality, numbers, food and etc. It’s helpful with memorizing those words.
  • Practice writing with calligraphy workbook


人类的故事》(both Chinese and English versions inside with each other)

《我的班级我做主》(comedy book)

地下铁》(picture books)

365夜神话故事》(kids book about fairy tale stories or legends:with Pinyin)


How to deal with confusing strokes?

  • It’s not an easy language, so Go Slowly. Don’t be afraid of it. Learn some fundamental strokes first and then move on to more complex ones.

How to practice the tones?

  • Take your time and don’t rush it. Stress does not help at all. You could memorize the sound of the tones in order in your head.

How to start as a beginner?

  • First, enroll yourself in a class. It could be physical or online, which could give you a great foundation to begin a language. You can also purchase textbooks online and learn. Try to expose yourself as much as possible, such as listen to Chinese audio, talk to Chinese people, order food in Chinese.

How to memorize vocabulary?

  • Write the characters again and again in your notebook.

Make connections. Find the inner connection of each components and characters.

How to stay motivated?

  • Be passionate. Enjoy the process. Having a positive and optimistic mindset.

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