Developing Chinese:Comprehensive Course(发展汉语·综合)

Developing Chinese:Comprehensive Course(发展汉语·综合)

Developing Chinese, now on its second edition, is a set of textbooks designed for higher education during the ‘Eleventh Five-Year.’ It has 28 volumes and a total of 34 books which can be divided into three proficiency levels (elementary, intermediate and advanced) and five series based on skill (comprehensive listening, speaking, reading and writing).

The overall goal of Developing Chinese is to help learners develop and improve their Chinese language and communication skills and integrated Chinese capabilities. It is also designed to enhance your interest and ability in learning the language.

  1. I used this book as a textbook in my Chinese class at my university. I would definitely recommend “Developing Chinese” as this is by far the most-versatile book that I used in my Mandarin studies.

  2. I’m using the book series of developing Chinese comprehensive course for my class and it is wonderful. The contents are very clear, and they give you great explanations and examples. I think it’s also an effective material for teaching Chinese even to those who are studying on their own. Also, the book gives cultural insights through short narratives for every chapter. I love using this book as it helped improve my language skills.

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