Confucius temple & the Qinhuai river scenic area, Nanjing, Jiangsu (夫子庙-秦淮河,南京市,江苏省)

The Confucius temple, located at the Qinhuai River scenic area is a well-known tourist resort of the ancient capital Nanjing. The riverbanks of Qinhuai are known for Confucius Temple and jointly called the Confucius temple area.
The Confucius temple is no doubt the most famous. The temple is the place for people to pay worship to Confucius. The Confucius temple here in Nanjing was first built in 1034 and rebuilt in 1986.
The temple we often mentioned should include three architectural complexes: the temple of Confucius with the hall of great achievements as the main body, the palace of learning and the imperial examination center.
As early as in 337 A.D. there was the palace of learning even without the Confucius temple. The temple was built up and extended on the basis of the palace of learning until 1034.
The Confucius temple complex covers the pan pool, screen wall, the gateway of all scholars, Juxing pavilion, Kuixing pavilion, Lingxing gate, the hall of great achievements and etc.

Since the temple inception, Qinhuai River became a popular and rich area. There were so many stories that happened in this area and what’s more, there are a lot of old buildings still here.

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