An interactive flashcard system for learning the HSK vocabulary, together with useful character information, quizzes and over 3,000 sentence activities.

Skritter is fun and engaging (if not downright addicting!). Its repetition-based system is very well scheduled.

Description: The question that often comes to mind is: how can I get my money back if I realize learning Chinese is not for me? Thanks goodness for ...

you can use numbers to add tone marks to pinyin. For example, if you type “Xi1an1,” it will be converted to “Xī’ān.”

lets you input Chinese characters, which it will then transfer into pinyin alongside the meaning of the characters.

Chinese Pinyin Chart will take you to a pinyin chart that is very helpful in figuring out which tones correspond to which sounds. Practice your PinYin with ...

The Pleco app serves as a dictionary for the Chinese learner allowing them to search by pinyin, or by radical.

The WCC Bigrams App is a flashcard app that drills the learner on the most common two-character Chinese words (bigrams) that show up in written text. It ...

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